Thursday, 1 October 2009

Mummy Zen

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Welcome to Mummy Zen, which has launched today! I wanted to create a blog for mums with useful practical information and suggestions, as well as more contemplative content focusing on enjoying a healthy balance in our busy lives. Being a mum takes up a lot of our time and energy and it's a constant learning and enriching experience. However, there's another side to us and it's just as important to put time and energy into that part of our life. By feeling happy, healthy and having dreams and goals to pursue, I think we all feel better equipped to be a good mum, friend, wife, partner and can achieve a cohesive balance all round.

Mummy Zen will be a sharing of thoughts, experiences and ideas ranging from the day-to-day basics to more specialised insight from some of our contributors. We can all learn from each other and benefit from different perspectives so you'll find regular guest posts on the site and links to other sites and articles that I come across and think are worth sharing. Please feel free to add comments to any of the posts and to offer your own ideas to fellow readers.

Thanks for coming to check out the site and I hope you come back for more.... There'll be 2-3 posts per week. Bookmark the site or subscribe to the RSS feed to keep updated!

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  1. What a beautiful website! The art and your writing style merge perfectly. I enjoyed your first posts, too!

    The Big Box you tried on the rainy day is an excellent idea. I just heard about an approach to play called "Original Play." It's very basic, physical -- not "cultural" -- play. The only rules are for parents. They are: no grabbing, no tickling (it's aggressive), and don't stand up (stay at their level on the floor); touch should be fluid and loving -- this reminded me of Leo's advice to hug your child when you're angry -- at all times. Easy, good advice!

    Allison x


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